Desiring to pioneer and sustainable investment strategy, SCCI strives to become a top unit in the field of investment and investment consulting in Vietnam.


Our mission is to accompany the sustainable development of enterprises.


Always create the best products and services. Serving customers with the sincerity and dedication of the professionals.
Community-oriented: The company activities are always towards common interests, ensuring the sustainable development of the community.
Product improvement Continuously: Products and services are always updated and developed according to the trend of the market and the world.
Human values: People are the central element of the development, deciding all success.


One of the things that contribute to the success of the business is the contribution of all employees in the company - it is an invaluable asset that we are fortunate to own.
Aiming to be "An ideal workplace", SCCI always creates opportunities for employees to develop in career orientation as well as help employees balance work and life. In addition to creating a good environment, SCCI also offers attractive remuneration and benefits and excellent working conditions. We always try to develop the capacity of the management team - those who always try and constantly improve the business environment as well as work. SCCI empowers all employees to create sustainable growth.
SCCI fosters professional ethics, in which business activities are carried out following the cultural, ethical and traditional values ​​of Vietnamese society.


SCCI's development strategy has become one of the leading real estate investment and advisory enterprises in the South and Vietnam. Build and develop an excellent workforce. Manage all business activities with the goal of sustainable development.